Macedonia wants to take part in the building of the nuclear power plant Belene in Bulgaria


The state company ECM has sent a letter with its intent to take part in the project for the building of a Bulgarian nuclear power plant Belene. This information was revealed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Energy Temenushka Petkova, and MIA news agency confirmed this news through a statement by the Macedonian government

As inform Bulgarian media, the Macedonian ECM is one of the 13 companies that have taken the call that was published by the European Union’s Official Gazette in May this year. Seven out of all companies that want to take part in want to participate as strategic investors in the building of the nuclear power plant including the Russian company Rosato, the Chinese “CNNC” the Korean hydro-atomic corporation, the AEC Belene consortium, the consortium”Elektrocentrala Belene”, the German “Bektron Karlsruhe” and the Bulgarian “IPK” and “UP EOOD Bulgaria.”

The Bulgarian Minister Petkova confirmed that two other applications were submitted by ‘General Electric” and “Framatom” in order to secure equipment for the future nuclear power plant. Finally, four letters for intent were sent to conclude agreements for purchase electrical energy and for participation in the minority share of the project on part of the Macedonian ECM, „European trade of energy Bulgaria“, „Energy distribution“ and „Energomont“.

The list of interested companies in the building of the nuclear power plant Belene should be finished in a period of 90 days when an official tender will be called for submission of offers. The whole project should be built on a market principle without a state guarantee and long term purchase of electric energy. The Bulgarian state will participate in the Belene project through the National company for Electric Energy.

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