The state of health care in Macedonia is in such a bad state that today doctor a was shot, and a another three people were injured in a shooting at the Clinic for Abdominal Surgery, was the opposition SDSM reaction to today’s incident.

“With Nikola Gruevski and Nikola Todorov, cowboy movies have become a reality even in our hospitals. It is unacceptable that in a clinical centre where on a daily basis thousands of people seeking medical assistance are coming and going, someone was allowed to be shot. Doctors in Public Health do not have basic working conditions and receive low wages. Because of the chaos in the Health System, doctors in Macedonia are threatened even in their workplace”, reacted SDSM.

SDSM say that Mr Todorov and Prime Minister Gruevski left physicians without any protection or security in the execution of the noblest work, caring for the health of the countries citizens.