Employment Agency will delete unemployed who earn a fee higher than the minimal wage and from the records of active job seekers and put them in the records of passive job seeker, announced the Director of the Agency Vlatko Popovski today, reports “24 Vesti”.

These freelancers will be out of the records of active job seekers until their engagement contract lasts.

– We are not deleting them, but we are merely putting them in passive records until the completion of the contract with which they are engaged, after previously receiving information from PDIF. Only when we receive a solution from the Fund that a person has a fee greater than the minimal wage, we will transfer that person only for the period for which he or she is engaged. If there is no agreement next month, we will again return him or her to the active job seekers records – said Popovski.

The agency assured that the whole process of return from passive to active job seekers will be carried out quickly and will not be halted.