Signers of Solidarity Charter for protection of workers’ rights reject the announced amendments to the laws for contributions for part-time work. UPOZ union, the Confederation of trade unions of Macedonia, Independent Union of journalists and media workers, the Union of Macedonian diplomatic service, the leftist movement “Solidarity” and Movement for Social Justice “Lenka”, civil associations, activists and individuals stand behind the demands submitted to Ministry of Labor and Social Policy on 12th of December for the full withdrawal of the legal amendments.
“We refuse to be manipulated in order to amortize the dissatisfaction of thousands of citizens who protested and demanded the abolition of the laws when they faced lay-off, reductions and delays in revenue. Therefore we stand behind the announcement for protests on Frida, 13th of February, at 2 pm,” reads the statement from the Solidarity Charter for protection of workers’ rights.
Parliamentary Group of VMRO-DPMNE yesterday announced proposal for amending the Law on Contributions for Social Insurance.
This proposal provides social insurance for copyright agreements to be paid only for an amount greater than the average salary (21,300 denars) for regular employees, while those who are only hired as freelancers will have to pay contributions only to the amount exceeding 9,590 denars (minimum wage).

The president of the Business Confederation Mile Boshkov welcomes the proposal.
– These amendments are good for the business community and the people who receive a fee based on copyright agreements. From the beginning we were puzzled about the law and had several meetings with the relevant ministers. With these amendments, we will avoid entering gray economy and I think that is acceptable to both businesses and freelancers. You have to be objective when some things get better – stated Boshkov for META news agency.
According to the president of the Organization of Employers of the Republic of Macedonia, Angel Dimitrov, these amendments are alleviation only to a certain extent.
– The law wasn’t prepared as it should have been. These are alleviations, but they must not rush with the adoption of the amendments. They should take into account all deficiencies, and then adopt amendments that will benefit the employers and freelancers alike – stated Dimitrov.