The assets that will be approved for the Macedonian Radio television by the Agency for Audio and Audio-Visual Media Service (AAAVMS), will be used for a new channel specialized for children’s program.

This was announced by MRTV’s Director, Marjan Cvetkovski, while signing the agreement with AAAVMSU where the national broadcasting services received 30 million denars (488.000 euros) to acquire protective equipment for the journalists from the coronavirus, but also for production of new program.

“I am announcing that in the forthcoming days we are going to realize the decision of the Program Council to start a new program channel exclusively with children program. In the 20 days, our viewers can expect a specialized channel with children program” announced Cvetkovski.

AAAVMS’ Director Zoran Trajchevski stressed that the assets (1.2 million euros) will be granted to other commercial and non-profit broadcasters in order to be used for producing new program, with an accent on production on part of the public broadcasting service.