Yesterday it was confirmed from the that the expressed intention to seek asylum, from the Ministry of Interior (MOI) has issued to a total of 3702 migrants who have entered the country through of Greece.

Most of yesterday registered migrants are Syrian nationals, a total of 2.313 people, Afghanistan has a total of 961 people, and Iraq has a total of 177 people.

Since mid-June, when amendments to the Law on Asylum were submitted by force and began issuing the certificates until today, and according to the Ministry of Interior, such documents have been issued to a total of 203,940 migrants.

Of these, according to the Ministry of Interior, the majority are nationals from Syria (132, 219), followed by Afghanistan (41,195), Iraq (15,671), Pakistan (4327), Iran (3534), Palestine (1739), Somalia (1,044), Bangladesh (938 ), the Democratic Republic of the Congo (498), Nigeria (258), Cameroon (225) and Eritrea (212).

During yesterday, the Department for Asylum have not received new files which are claims for the recognition of the right to asylum. The number of migrants who have requested to stay in the country, remains at 70 people.