Citizens’ associations “Hardcore”, World Macedonian Congress, “Prerodba” and Macedonian United Forces, announced a call for civil disobedience as a tool to counter the “political violence against the Macedonian people”.

“In these conditions of general attacks and the looting of the Macedonian statehood, we call upon all Macedonians and friends of the Macedonian people, through various forms of civil disobedience to defend our homes and defend the expensive Macedonian statehood”, reads the statement.

The campaign for civil disobedience, as the statement said, “is being waged against the internal forces, such as parties, organizations, and individuals who are involved in the implementation of the plans for the destruction of the Macedonian nation.”

The associations say that in the coming days, weeks, months, a wider public will provide guidance on the ways of expressing civil disobedience.