The debate about the amendments to the draft bill for the use of languages that was supposed to start at the Parliament’s Committee for European Issues was postponed, because, as was announced by the Committee’s President, Artan Grubi, the absence of representatives from the Ministry of Justice.

As was announced by Grubi, he received a notification from the Minister of Justice, Bilen Saljiji that he is in Letonia and that at today’s session they were expecting the deputy-minister.

-There has to be a government’s representative that will state about the 90 amendments that were submitted about the law, said Grubi, who also said that he will inform about the session’s continuation either today or tomorrow.

According to the Rulebook, the discussion about the amendments to the draft bill should last for three days. Grubi claims that the deadlines have to be obeyed.

He said that he expects that the continuation of the session will be attended by VMRO-DPMNE’s MPs.