The information that Saso Mijalkov was issued a diplomatic passport has opened a completely new serious scandal. This means that institutions run by associates of the Minister entering into a serious abuse of power, according to the SDSM. The Minister for Foreign Affairs, Nikola Popovski had to explain on what grounds the Ministry had allowed Mr Gruevski’s cousin, Sasho Mijalkov to receive a diplomatic passport?

“The published documents show that Mr Mijalkov received a diplomatic passport as an expert. What king of expert is Sasho Mijalkov? Which institution appointed Mijalkov as an expert and requested a diplomatic passport for him? Diplomatic passports are usually issued to an expert in exceptional circumstances, their time limited until their need to stay abroad. The diplomatic passport was issued on the 29th of August and has a duration of up to 5 years”, says the statement by SDSM.

According to SDSM the move by the Foreign Minister Mr Popovski proves that Gruevski’s and his collaborators are preparing the way for Sasho Mijalkov departure from Macedonia.

From this sort of behaviour, one can only assume that this indicates that people will be held accountable for all those who are involved in unlawful and criminal activities in Nikola Gruevski’s Government, and this shows in their departure.