MOI: Man recording protests in front of MRTV is a police officer, inquiry follows


The person filming yesterday’s protest by the “Colourful Revolution” in front of “Macedonian Radio Television” is a member of the Rapid Deployment Unit (RDU), confirmed MOI.

“It has been confirmed that the person is a member of the Rapid Deployment Unit, and we have taken measures to find out under whose order he was filming”, said the Interior Ministry, adding that in the next few days they will update the public with further details.
Citizens during yesterday’s protest saw a person without any identification recording the protesters. They asked him to identify himself and who he was filming for. The cameraman then said he was filming for private purposes and that he would sell the pictures to the foreign media, such as “BBC” and “Al Jazeera”.

The Rapid Deployment Unit is controlled by Deputy Minister Mitko Chavkov, who recently said in a television interview that the protests are being recorded and that the recordings are used to identify those who inflict damage on public property and for filing charges against certain individuals caught on camera.

Last night’s protest by the “Colourful Revolution” was focused against the partisation of the public broadcasting service and the protest ended in front of the MRTV building , where protesters spray painted “End of Program”, and hurled colour at the Macedonian Radio building.

This video was recorded by “A1 ON”.

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