The Association of Journalists of Macedonia (AJM) reminds that on the 27th of April, three years ago, the “Bloody Thursday” happened when a large group of supporters of the For Joint Macedonia civic initiative stormed the Macedonian Parliament and attacked journalists, cameramen, MPs and other officials.

“In order to mark this black day for democracy and fight for freedom of speech and safety of journalists, a group of journalists, assisted by AJM, through attorney Medarski, have filed lawsuits today. The lawsuits against the state were filed in order to be determined the violation of the right for freedom of expression and for compensation of immaterial damage.These lawsuits follow after a previous call that AJM had in order to secure legal assistance for journalists and media workers that were attacked or their equipment was destroyed during this event” inform AJM.

They also remind that the Basic Public Prosecution has opted to protect a part of the politicians and against a part of their attackers several measures were taken and the court has sentenced them to jail.