Despite the evidence from the “Putsch” case, Special Prosecutor Katica Janeva has requested from the court the cases on the murder of Martin Neskovski, and the case “Election Campaign” where Ljube Boskovski was sentenced, announced the Special Public Prosecutor (SPO) today.

Janeva’s office indicated that court did not appear to be cooperating, they did not want to submit the cases, but prosecutors from the SPO were asked to their investigations at the court. The SPO notified MEPs Richard Howitt, Ivo Vajgl and Eduard Kukan at the meeting on Tuesday this week.

They added that at the meeting with the MEPs, Janeva pointed out the need to amend the law on protected witnesses so the Special Prosecutor’s Office could have jurisdiction over protected witnesses as well.
Regarding the materials of the intercepted conversations that SDSM leader Zoran Zaev handed over to Janeva, the prosecution said the procedure was “in accordance with legal regulations, and that their was no record at the moment of delivery, and that it was not an error in terms of the legal regulations.”