In a very similar manner to what happened last week, at today’s the sixth continuation of the constitutive session of Parliament, again accusations could be heard of deliberate blockades of the work of Parliament, working against the state and Macedonian national interests.

In the first part, the leader of VMRO-DPME and MP Nikola Gruevski appeared for the first time after December the 30th and stayed for about an hour in the main hall, and after the break he immediately left the session.

Damjan Manchevski from SDSM asked that they not block the session to protect what he called “the criminal leadership of VMRO-DPMNE”. He spoke about the new “crime” case regarding Saso Mijalkov.

“While you block Parliament and the institutions, your leadership gets rich. Mijalkov spent six million euros in January and March to buy an oil depot and petrol stations. Is this why you block Parliament? Is this the crime you are protecting? Manchevski said.

His fellow party member Ljupco Nikolovski spoke with more detail on the case.

“This is the current state of “Best Way Investment” from Skopje, while at the moment people are protesting outside, he is buying “Om Petrol”. The manager and sole founder of this company, is the son of Nikola Gruevski’s first cousin. It is through these deals, while citizens protest outside, wealth is spreading from oil storages and more gas stations. It is not a question of patriotism, the only thing in question here is the spreading of wealth of this criminal government”, said Nikolovski.

Radmila Šekerinska asked why Gruevski at the Congress of the European People’s Party in Malta wasted public money and had with him bodyguards, to which Ilija Dimovski replied that when her fellow party member, Oliver Spasovski was Interior Minister, he too had bodyguards as that it is the law.

The constitutive session continues tomorrow at 11:00 am.