I call all citizens in your country especially the Albanians that are living here to give their support for the historical Prespa agreement because it has exceptional significance for the region’s democratic stability, said today the Head of the Albanian diplomacy, Ditmir Bushati at the press conference with his Macedonian colleague, Nikola Dimitrov.

-We all agree that the Albanians living in Macedonia will provide great support for the processes that are ongoing and I want once again to urge them to come out massively and to participate in the building of the future and the better life here. This way, we shall continue collaborating more closely in order to create a better and more inclusive environment – said Bushati.

Regarding the Macedonian minority in Albania, Bushati said that several steps ahead were made with the new Law for minorities with which the Macedonian minority is recognized as one of the minorities that are part of a wider mosaic of minorities in Albania.

Regarding the situation of the Albanians in Macedonia, Bushati said that situation is better here, there is a better climate for cooperation and for a better representation of the Albanians through positions such as President of the Assembly and the Deputy Prime Minister for European Affairs. He also said that he expects that the Law for Languages to enter into force as soon as possible.

He also reaffirmed the support that Albania, as a member of NATO provides for Macedonia, and that 2019 is a significant year both for Macedonia and the EU.