The Ukrainian national anthem performed in 50 countries worldwide, was sang at Macedonia Square in Skopje as well


Ukraine’s Independence Day was marked today at Macedonia Square in the center of Skopje, the capital of North Macedonia. The event was part of the “The free world gathering” global initiative and in Macedonia, it was organized by the Embassy of Ukraine and the Ukrainian Association “Lesya Ukrainka”. The attendees held their hands and joined the human chain as a symbol of people’s unity in the free world.

During the celebration of the support for Ukraine in North Macedonia that ambassadors of Germany, the United States, Netherlands, and Sweden attended, a world record was set for performing the Ukrainian national anthem simultaneously in 50 countries in the world.

Oleksandar Urbanovic of the Lesja Ukrainka Association expressed his gratitude toward Macedonia for the help, and he described our country as a “small country with a lion heart.”

“You gave even more than you could and we shall never forget that. The 24th of August is the most important national holiday for the Ukrainians because independence is what Ukraine is fighting for today,” said Urbanovic.

Ukraine declared its independence from the Soviet Union on the 24th of August 1991. The Russian aggression on Ukraine started on the 24th of August and its citizens are celebrating the 6 months since they began to defend the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity.

Нашите вести во вашето сандаче

Секој ден во 17 ч. добивајте ги вестите од Новинската агенција Мета директно на вашата електронска адреса.

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