The Special Public Prosecutor, who was appointed by Parliament in 2015 to investigate officials involved in the wiretapping scandal and crimes by political figures, continues to face pressure in carrying out her work, says the report by “Amnesty International” about the situation on human rights for 2016/2017.

“In October (last year), the transitional Parliament rejected a proposal to extend the Prosecutor’s June 2017 deadline for concluding all investigations and to improve access to witness protection services for witnesses involved in her office’s investigations”, noted the report by Amnesty International.

In the part referring to Macedonia, they also noted discrimination of the Roma in the country and their exercise of fundamental rights and services. Regarding the migrant crisis, Amnesty International said in the report that Macedonian authorities continued to return refugees and migrants summarily back to Greece, while those caught in the country before the closure of the borders, are housed in inadequate camps and transit centers for foreigners and for asylum seekers.