The Parliament will get a Code of Ethics, today the French model has been studied

Skopje, 10 May, 2018 - 21:59 (META) 

The Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia is preparing a Code of Ethics that aims to strengthen the ethics of the MPs and increase confidence in Parliament.

At the panel discussion “The Role of the Parliamentary Ethic in the Implementation and Respect of the Code of Ethics in Parliaments – Practice of the National Parliament of the French Republic”, Parliament Speaker Talat Xhaferi stated that the document is in draft version and it should provide ethical norms, standards and rules for everyday, doesn’t matter who is in power or in opposition.

According to the ethical expert in the French Parliament, Ferdinand Sukramanen, parliamentary ethics should be based on four principles, namely trust between MPs, their behavior outside Parliament, their fees, and the control of their expenses.

“Parliamentary ethics is the basis for creating confidence in the Parliament. It should contain any statement by the Member of Parliament, the survey questionnaire, its links to the business, private interests, etc. In France, there is a principle for every gift that is above 150 euros, the MP should consult with those of the parliamentary ethics. MPs travel expenses should be paid on an independent account, so they can be controlled easier. For every expense, even private, but of public interest, the MP should consult with those responsible for ethics in order to take preventive measures for possible abuses”, Sukramanen pointed out.

Next week in Ohrid, the Code of Ethics will be part of the dialogue between the Government and the opposition, within the framework of the “Jean Monnet” dialogue. The initiative of several MEPs was scheduled for January and postponed due to disagreement among all political parties.