SDSM requests respect for the laws by “Deutsche Telekom” and “Magyar Telekom”

Скопје, 20 March, 2015 - 16:38 (META) 

Social Democratic Union of Macedonia informed companies “Deutsche Telekom” and “Magyar Telekom” in written for the developments in Macedonia, in terms of the potential involvement of the management structures of the “Macedonian Telecom” and “T-Mobile Macedonia” in illegal and unethical behavior.

In the letter, SDSM expressed satisfaction with the presence of reputable companies in Macedonia and requires specific steps of the two companies in the interest of the citizens of the Republic of Macedonia and the image of the company.

“From the evidence submitted to the SDSM, unlawful surveillance and audio recording of communications of more than 20,000 citizens by the Security and Intelligence Agency is evident. In addition, the published audio evidence confirmed abuses and violations of the laws and internal procedures of “Macedonian Telecom” and T-Mobile Macedonia.” Executive Member of the Board of Directors and CEO of “T-Mobile” Zharko Lukovski reports to the Minister of Transport and Communications for lists of employees of “Macedonian Telecom” and “T-Mobile”. Pressure on staff with threats of firing if they did not vote for the party VMRO-DPMNE was agreed,” reads the statement of SDSM.

SDSM, reads the letter, did not intend to involve “Deutsche Telekom” and “Magyar Telekom” in the political developments in the country, but requests consistent implementation of laws and internal regulations of the companies in the interest of all citizens of the Republic of Macedonia as well as the users of “Macedonian Telecom” and “T-Mobile Macedonia.”

As a reminder, a few days ago “Magyar Telekom” announced that it is planning an investigation that will be conducted by external consultants in its daughter company in Macedonia.