“E-Society”: There must be a balance between freedom of expression and the right to privacy

Skopje, 10 December, 2015 - 19:48 (META) 

The need to strike a balance between freedom of expression and the right to privacy was the conclusion of the 11th E-Society Conference today. Dedicated to freedom and privacy the e-society conference was organized by the Foundation for Internet and Society, ‘Metamorphosis’ and the Institute of Human Rights and Peace based in Caen, France.
The French Ambassador to Macedonia Lawrence Auer spoke of the Internet as a new means of dialogue and information, but represents a threat that terrorists can use it as a tool for promoting their aims. “We are witnessing the shrinking boundaries between the virtual and the real. Media is the first vehicle to inform citizens, in the six months prior to forthcoming elections, the media must endeavour to inform fairly, and feel they are above political party control.” said Ambassador Auer in his opening speech. Deputy Prime Minister for European Integration Fatmir Besimi stated the world pre-Internet and post-Internet is not the same, the Internet provides the right for freer speech, with social networks influencing the democratic processes.
The Internet provides and contributes to the freedom of expression and it is an excellent source of information. This is why it must be protected, considered Zhonas Bosa, Director of the International Institute for Peace and Human Rights.
Jardil Bashari, Director of the Metamorphosis Foundation said ” The key is to find a balance between freedom of expression and the right to privacy.”
“The Internet should be free and the citizens of Macedonia free to express themselves using it. Preventing them doing so in the names of safety and security directly threaten freedom of expression and the freedom of the internet, We have to find a way for a free Internet, and the rights of citizens using it, to be safeguarded. The Internet must be made clear of hate-speech.” added Mr Bardhil Jashari, another Metamorphosis Director

Hahn requests greater media freedom from Balkan governments

Sarajevo, 12 June, 2015 - 13:28 (META) 

In a video address to the regional conference of BIRN in Sarajevo “Challenges to media freedom,” EU Enlargement Commissioner Johannes Hahn sated that the situation of media freedom on the Balkans causes great concern and demands immediate attention.

Hahn said that freedom of the media on the Balkans remains a point of particular concern for the European Commission, especially the issue of government interference and threats against the independence of public service broadcasters.
“We are facing important challenges that must be urgently addressed. Despite government interference, more efforts must be paid to the political and financial independence of regulatory bodies, as well as the effective operation of self-regulation, “said Hahn.

He said he would continue to press the governments in the region to make progress in this field.

“There is a need for us to deal with informal economic pressure over the media. This includes transparency of ownership of the media and prevention of excessive media concentration. No less important is the transparency in government advertising,” said Hahn.

At the conference, held as part of the 10th anniversary of BIRN, was also adopted a list of recommendations to the governments of the Balkans aimed at improving the situation of the media in the region.

The recommendations are the result of the joint effort of more than 30 media professionals and experts who gathered in Sarajevo a day earlier for the regional workshop on freedom of speech. They discussed issues related to labor rights, the state funding of the media and the public services, the media market, the transparency of media ownership, as well as the representation of vulnerable and marginalized groups.

Prosecution agrees Vranishkovski to be released on probation

Skopje, 12 January, 2015 - 16:19 (META) 

By serving more than half of the prison sentence and the compensation of the damage for which he was sentenced, the legal requirements Jovan Vranishkovski to be released on probation are met, informed representatives of the Public Prosecutor’s Office for organized crime and corruption.

“Convicted Jovan Vranishkovski was sentenced to five years and five months. So far, he served 36 months in prison, which means that he served half of his sentence for which he was legally convicted. While serving the sentence, he behaved appropriately and complied with house rules of the prison, i.e. he carried out his work obligations”, reads the statement.

They added that Vranishkovski’s property, which was obtained by crime, was confiscated in favor of the damaged Macedonian Orthodox Church.

“A total of 4,940,400 denars were confiscated, and, on the other hand, real estate – land in Golema niva, recorded in the property sheet in Nerezi with a total area of 4,859 square meters was also confiscated in favor of the damaged Macedonian Orthodox Church”, reads the announcement.