Zaev: The threshold for the progressive taxes was chosen carefully and we will not withdraw


Prime Minister Zoran Zaev, regarding the progressive tax, announced today at the Government that he will not back down since certain appeasements were already made once.

-We made our appeasement. From 1000 euros we made an appeasement to 1500 euros. I will stress once again that we have active workers or a number of people who receive wages between 900.000 and one million citizens. It’s one percent of the citizens. Around 9000 citizens will be included with the new, more just taxation. that means that everyone who has a monthly income of over 90.000 denars, for the amount that is above 90.000 denars, the first time, he will have to pay 8 %. if he has a net income of 100.000, for 10.000 denars he will have to pay 8% or 800 denars. May God allow us everyone in the country to have incomes bigger than 90.000 denars. my income is 87.000 denars as that is the prime minister’s salary. We are talking about an income that is above the prime minister’s salary, above the presidential salary, above the MPs’ salary – replied Zaev to a question posted by a journalist and added that in this way 25 million of euros will be accumulated.

He also said that young people like IT technicians, architects, builders still don’t receive salaries above 90.000 denars.

it would be great if they could earn above 90.000 denars in the future. Let’s open this spiral to the end, in order for the salaries to be raised. this truly is about the threshold which was carefully chosen – explained Zaev.

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