Until now we haven’t talked about the name of the consensual president as we are waiting for the process at the parliament related to the constitutional changes to end and then we shall open a debate, replied Prime Minister Zoran Zaev when he was asked by a journalist whether he has spoken with DUI about potential names that are named among the general public as a candidate for a president: Bujar Osmani, Nikola Dimitrov, Radmila Shekjerinska.

“I want a consensual candidate for a president to whom we would all give our support. DUI is not the only coalition partner as there are more. I believe we shall find the strength to choose a candidate who will prove to be an acceptable solution for the majority of citizens” replied Zaev.

He confirmed that he shall have a meeting at 16h with BESA’s Bilal Kasami with whom he shall talk about providing support about the constitutional changes.

“Both Albanian opposition parties’ suggestions were positive. Their suggestions were integrated into the amendments and I want to hear them what worries them” said Zaev briefly.