Prime Minister Zoran Zaev and his Albanian Colleague, Edi Rama, visited today the Macedonians who live int he municipality of Pustec, and they had a joint meeting with the Deputy Mayor and the municipality’s advisors.

The representatives of the municipality of Pustec have announced to the prime ministers the priorities for which they are expecting a support, among which is the renovation of the school. Prime Minister Rama has obliged that the school will be renovated and that the municipality will receive support for the communal projects and the projects for the local development that were discussed during the meeting.

Prime Minister Zaev has thanked Rama for the care he shows for the citizens of Albania with Macedonian ethnicity.

-This is a way for opening and solving issues. The presence of the two prime ministers of Macedonia and Albania here in Pustec bears a great symbolism for the promotion of the relations between both countries, since the minority communities are the bridge of that cooperation, and the care for them is of great importance – said Zaev, who also said that the two countries are European oriented and are ready to promote minority rights.

During the meeting with the Pustec’s local authorities, Zaev has announced that the Government of the Republic of Macedonia will help in the solving the issues that are of importance for the citizens of Macedonian ethnicity in Albania.