The State Election Commission with six votes “for” issued a statement in which they confirmed that the electoral register is ready for fair and democratic elections, the SEC told “Meta”.

Earlier, the Chairman of the SEC, Aleksandar Chicakovski, and two members of the SEC, who are also members of the SDSM, Violeta Duma and Goran Milev, left the meeting and did not want to vote on this item on the agenda.

US and EU Ambassadors Jess Baily and Aivo Orav who were present at the meeting of the SEC, asked whether they thought there are fair and democratic conditions for elections, and this item was inserted into the agenda with a conclusion.

During the discussion the atmosphere became tense, and when the item on the agenda came up, three members immediately left the meeting.

We discovered that Chicakovski is still the Chairman of the SEC and will continue to work on the cleansing of the voters’ list.

Sources inside the Commission informed journalists’ at “Meta” ,that the Chairman only left the session because of that particular item on the agenda.