No screens, without an electoral roll, all students had was a box wrapped in white pages with which Presidents to vote for as President of the Student Parliament at the Faculty of Law, for ballots to be collected.

Members of the Election Commission gave some students a sealed stamp when they voted, and some they didn’t, nor would they comment on the turnout of the voting so far.

“We are not qualified to answer your questions, you would have to ask UKIM”, said the Election Commission.

At the voting, the “Student Plenum” were present and wanted answers from the Election Commission, for example,  why were they allowing irregular elections. Voting took place in public, so public that anyone could see which candidates students were circling on the ballot paper.

Today, at the elections for President of the Student Parliament, the student Ombudsman Vaska Bojadzi was present and asked that no-one films her while she votes. She assessed that the elections had been conducted in a peaceful atmosphere and she also said that if any students feel like their rights were violated to contact her immediately.

After several members of the “Student Plenum” said that they had tried to contact her, but she does not get back The Ombudsman proposed that they reach her in writing.

“As a student, I came to exercise my right out loud, and I want to invite all students, in a calm and friendly atmosphere that suits our academic community to come and vote. I would also like to invite those students who are trying to prevent the vote, to renounce their intention”, said Bojadzi.

Members of the “Student plenum” dispute the vote and say none of the statutory requirement is not met.

The same atmosphere lingered in the air at the Faculty of Philosophy where voting was also taking place. There, however, a system of secret voting was put in place, however, the Faculty of Philology was just like the Faculty of Law, there were two voting boxes covered in white pieces of paper.

Students who wanted to vote could not find out if their names were on the electrol roll, that is why the members of the Election Commkission did not want to share information on the lists.