“The first thing MPs from VMRO-DPMNE need to do, is explain to the citizens why Nikola Gruevski is not in Parliament and why he left the country”, says a statement by SDSM.

The statement adds that “with today’s disappearance from Macedonia, Nikola Gruevski has once again proven that he is not interested in the country, but only cares about escaping responsibility.”

“On the day when Macedonia is meant to appoint a new president of Parliament, Gruevski leaves the country showing that national interests are absolutely irrelevant. After weeks of creating discord and divisions, after obstructing democratic changes, in the end, Gruevski is unable to come to terms with the new reality and decided to flee the country”, added the statement by SDSM.

The party went on to say that “Gruevski’s disappearance, very similar to the recent vanishing act by Gjorge Ivanov, proves that they have no sentiment for the country.”