Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski met with the Minister of Defense of the Republic of Croatia, Ante Kotromanovik.

At the meeting, the excellent relations between the two countries, which are developed in the spirit of friendship, cooperation and mutual respect, were welcomed.

The interlocutors exchanged views on several topics from different areas of interest for further improvement of relations, emphasizing cooperation on projects in the field of defense.

Prime Minister Gruevski emphasized the reforms and measures taken to promote the standards in the field of defense. He stressed that NATO membership is a strategic determination and that Macedonia actively participated in peacekeeping missions of NATO and is an active partner in fulfilling the functions and objectives of the Alliance.

Defense Minister Kotromanovik noted that Croatia actively supports Macedonia’s membership in NATO, stressing that the country meets the highest standards and criteria for full membership. He pointed out that Croatia fully supports activities for the implementation of projects that will contribute to the strengthening of regional cooperation and progress of the region.

They also discussed about the readiness and ability of intensive cooperation on several specific projects, such as cooperation regarding the Centre for pilot training and education of personnel in the field of defense.