In today’s clash between migrants and members of the security forces on the border with Greece, 18 police officers were injured, two of whom had suffered severe head injuries, and a several police and army vehicles were demolished, announced this afternoon the Ministry of Interior.

The incident occurred around 13.30 the border at quota 59, where members of the Macedonian Army started raising the wired fence this morning.

The Ministry of Interior says that the situation is stable and has been normalized.

“Today around 13:30 at quota 59 on the border there was a disturbance of public order by the migrants who were on the Greek side of the border between Greece and Macedonia. Migrants started throwing stones at police officers with the objective to break through the police cordon and enter the Macedonia side.18 police officers were injured in the clash, two with serious head injuries and one of them with a concussion. All were hospitalized at the medical centre in Gevgelija. A several police and army vehicles and shields were demolished”, said the statement of the Ministry of Interior.