After a month and a half ban on broadcasting radio and television, in the coming days, Macedonian music will be back on air after the Ministry of Culture today issued a directive to stop the decision of the Association for Protection of Music Copyrights (ZAMP) prohibiting the broadcasting of Macedonian, Serbian and Croatian music.

The owner of “Bubamara” radio, Ranko Petrovič said that due to the decision by the ZAMP prohibiting the broadcasting of this kind of music, the radio had to change the whole program schedule and this week they will again begin to return their original music program which will include the outlawed music.

“The abrupt decision by ZAMP forced a heavy workload on us, so much, that we had to change the entire programming schedule which thankfully was well accepted by our audience. ZAMP enforced the ban very quickly and selectively, only for radios and televisions without covering restaurants and cafes. With the abolition of ZAMP’s illegal decision by the Ministry of Culture, we will slowly begin to return the banned music to the airwaves. However, we can not do it overnight, but gradually”, said Petrovič.

“Sitel” TV told “Meta” that they will begin to broadcast Macedonian music as soon as the directive from the Ministry of Culture is enforced.

“With the abolition of this decision, we will continue to play Macedonian music, as we have a legal obligation to broadcast eight-hours of Macedonian music. Also, in the morning and afternoon programs, we will be able to invite guest singers who will be able to promote their new songs. We shall also return the programs which broadcasted Serbian music”, stated Igor Murgovski, who is responsible for foreign television programs and television formats at “Sitel” TV.