During today’s session, the Government adopted the proposal to declare Shar Planina a protected zone in the category of a national park and to declare the Osogovo mountains for a protected zone in the category of a Protected Area, informed the Ministry of Environment and Physical Planing.

After both initiatives were accepted, in the forthcoming period there will be public debates with the local population, including all concerned sides. With the adjustment of opinions and remarks, final proposals for declaration of these locations will be prepared.

-Declaring these areas as protected zones means fulfillment of the national and international obligations for protection of diversity and biodiversity, but also use of the enormous potential for development of the local economy and sustainable management of natural resources by ensuring eco-system services and eco-tourism, said Minister Naser Nuredini.

The idea of declaring Shar Mountain a national park is more than two decades old. A large number of associations and environmental initiatives have called upon the government to adopt this decision and for this initiative they were also supported by municipal authorities in Tetovo.