The caterers are bearing large financial losses due to the pandemic and are enduring the crisis with great difficulties with the offered package with financial aid. Most of them will not be able completely to start with work even with the reduction of the protective measures and the opportunity to start again.

This is the result of the research conducted by the Tourist chamber at the Macedonian Chamber of Commerce about the situation that the caterers have been facing with since the start of the health-financial crisis including the measures that are undertaken by the government in order help alleviate the consequences in this sector.

“Regarding the issue whether the caterers are prepared to start working with half of the capacities at their disposal i.e. with a shortened working hours and limited space for work, 59% have confirmed that are ready while 41% confirmed that they are not ready for partial working. When asked whether they were informed about the security measures that they should apply when they start working and are related to preventing the spread of coiv-19, a total of 78% have replied that they don’t have any information about special security measures while 22% have confirmed positively” said Martin Angelovski, the Vice President of the Tourist-Catering Chamber.

Regarding the economic measures, when asked whether people are satisfied with the offered measure by the Government for providing support in the amount of 9.000 MKD or a gross salary of 14.500 MKD, 95 % replied they are dissatisfied, and only 5% were satisfied.

Caterers also consider that the Government should start a campaign with more precise instructions for the protection of employees and guests from Covid-19.