Kurz: EU must help Macedonia with immigrants


The EU  must help Macedonia with their current situation which has become quite dramatic, as the country has been left isolated and alone to deal with the increased number of immigrants moving through its borders, stated Austria’s Minister  for Foreign Affairs. Sebastian Kurz visited Macedonia for one day and made the journey to the immigrant camp in Gevgelija, was accompanied by the Macedonian Minister for Internal Affairs, Mitko Chavkov.

He remarked that it is necessary for a united approach to the problem. He also stated that this mass movement of unregistered immigrants flooding into Macedonia from Greece has to stop.

– The European Union finally has to take a closer look at the route the refugees use through Macedonia, not just that of Italy. A long-term solution will only be possible if the countries in question work together. In any case, Austria will assist and cooperate with the Macedonian Government – Stated Kurz.

Chavkov, the Minister for Internal Affairs stated that around 800 police officers and support from the army were successfully handling the situation, however the crisis began to escalate due to the uncontrolled and unsupervised Greek side of the border where the immigrants enter the country.

– Our primary goal is a humane approach and treatment towards the immigration, and their protection during their transit through Macedonia. Security wise, we have managed to protect them from organised crime groups who illegally traffic immigrants and many other vulnerable types of people to Serbia – Stated Chavkov.


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