Извор на фотографија: Министерство за здравство

Health authorities are beginning to consider a mandatory COVID-19 vaccination certificate in order to attend a massive event in North Macedonia in the autumn. This means, as was stated by Health Minister Venko Filipche, that when attending a cinema or another cultural event, a certificate will be required.

– Starting from the autumn, during these forthcoming weeks we will be thinking about introducing some form of restriction, in the sense that the vaccination certificate to be necessary for someone to attend a mass event. I’m hoping that in this way, the scope of vaccination will enlarge. Seeing that there is no interest in vaccination through the “Moj termin” service, so we opened the vaccination sites. Our estimation is that by the end of July we shall have 500,000 people who will have received one dose. This is not enough, taking into account there are mutations that are easily transmissible – said the minister during his visit to the Cardiology Clinic.

He said that the vaccination will be implemented at all vaccination sites without prior appointment and on the spot, in order to ease people’s access to vaccines.

– Around 30% of the people in the field have already been vaccinated. Around 430,000 people have received one dose, and 250,000 were revaccinated. We are continuing with the campaign, we are thinking about how things will function during the autumn months. Over 85% of the health workers were vaccinated – said Filipche.