Tomorrow, the Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of European Affairs from the US State Department, Hoyt Brian Yee will be arriving in Skopje, the Embassy of the United States in Skopje confirmed for “Radio Free Europe” .

The purpose of his trip and agenda are still unknown, whom he shall meet and his position on certain issues still remain a mystery.

His arrival comes amid a serious political crisis within the country, with elections scheduled on June 5, where only one party, the VMRO-DPMNE will be participating, and so far, unsuccessful attempts to find a solution to change the date of elections and withdraw the pardons granted by President Ivanov.

Last time Mr Yee visited Macedonia was in March when he discussed the implementation of the Przhino Agreement.

Back in March, he said that he would closely be following the preparations for the elections, the situation in the media, the separation of party and state, and the work of the Special Prosecutor’s Office.