“For a United Macedonia” are asking for a meeting with European Commissioner of Neighbourhood Policy and Enlargement Negotiations, Johannes Hahn who arrives in Macedonia on Tuesday.

This was announced today by a member of the initiative and Director of the Macedonian Opera and Ballet, Igor Durlovski, who said that no one “is allowed, or can ignore 200.000 citizens who are protesting everyday”.

“We call on Mr Hahn to meet with us, so we can present our goals and requests which are not non negotiable. Ignoring our requests will only create additional risks. If the EU respects civil societies then they need to demonstrate it with declarations, not empty phrases, and they should take specific action, and for starter, they should meet with us. If Hahn ignores us, we will consider that as a dishonest attitude and not a good display of well intentions from the EU to the Republic of Macedonia”, said Durlovski.

Aleksandar Nikolovski, an MP from VMRO-DPMNE, on Friday stated that his party has three requests from the Commissioner, and they are, firstly, to condemn the Tirana platform, to respect the rule of coalition “winner with winner” and to into account the protests from “For a United Macedonia”.