More than 70 civil society organizations, platforms and initiatives today sent a letter to Commissioner Johannes Hahn and other international active officials about resolving the political crisis, where they have pointed out that at this current point in time, key requirements have not been met and that the atmosphere is not favorable for holding free, fair and democratic elections.

“ We, the civil society organizations demand the EU, and the USA and all other domestic and foreign factors engaged in the resolution of the crisis to acknowledge these arguments and postpone the early parliamentary elections until the crucial preconditions related to the elections and set forth in the Przino Agreement and the Urgent Reform Priorities are enabled. Our single objective is to ensure actual fair, democratic and free climate in the country for the elections to take place, which would enjoy the trust of all citizens and would be recognized as articulation of their political will and choice.” Said Fani Karanfilovska-Panovska, the Executive Director of the foundation “Open Society”.

Bojan Maricic from the Macedonian Centre for European Education commented that the SEC has not been fully constructed and that it doesn’t functions in full capacity, because the upgrade of the electoral roll has not yet begun, there has been no agreement on reforms in the media.

“All these procedures require at least one to two months of institutional preparations, whereas the cleaning and updating of the Voters List would take up to three or four months of intensive work. In case this process remains unfinished prior to the start of election campaigning, holding the elections on the set date would become extremely risky and would open space for further complication of the existing political crisis, resulting in major damage for the citizens and the country.” Said Bojan Maricic.

The civil society organizations in their letter pointed out to Johannes Hahn, that VMRO-DPMNE and DUI, the parties in power, constantly entertained and obstructed the implementation of the Przhino Agreement. They appealed to all political parties involved in the negotiation process, to act responsibly and democratically, and to urgently implement the agreed solutions and to reach an agreement on everything which needs to be resolved.