Greek company “Aktor” charged for laundering 50 million euros for Demir Kapija – Smokvica highway

Athens, 8 June, 2017 - 11:01 (META) 

The European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF) has charged the Greek company “Aktor” for fraud and laundering 50 million euros  in connection with the construction of a highway Demir Kapija – Smokvica, reported Greek media outlets “Protothema” and “Kathimerini”.

The case found itself under scrutiny by the public prosecutor after evidence was collected by OLAF.

The Greek construction company in 2012 won the tender for the construction of a 28 km section of the highway and the name “Aktor” became well known in the public domain in 2014, when SDSM made accusations that 3.5 million euros had been withdrawn from Macedonian bank accounts illegally.

SDSM presented documents and argued that Greek citizens through the branch of the Greek company “Aktor” in the country, had withdrawn millions of euros in cash from a branch of “Stopanska Bank – Skopje” in Negotino.

“Protothema” also wrote that some of the staff withdrew monthly salaries of 110,000 euros.

When “Meta” questioned the Public Prosecution for Organized Crime and Corruption two years ago, they stated they were collecting evidence necessary to solve the “Aktor” case.

“Given the complexity of the case, the prosecuting authority will take action to collect evidence necessary to establish the circumstances of the execution of this particular crime”, responded on March 2015, the Prosecutor’s Office.

Two years ago, at the request of the Greek state attorney’s office, Greek financial police arrested the owner of “Aktor”, Leonidas Bobolas, for tax evasion and debt to the state.

The theft of 3 million euros from NLB is the largest robbery in Macedonian history

Skopje, 11 April, 2017 - 18:06 (META) 

Yesterday’s case, where an employee from NLB Bank stole 3 million euros in francs and euros from the bank’s vault, is probably the biggest robbery in the history of an independent Macedonia.

Last night, an individual was arrested in connection with the robbery, which is also gaining another interesting statistic – it is also one of the fastest solved robberies in recent Macedonian history. The MOI has not yet confirmed whether the money has been recovered.

With nearly three million euros, according to the latest information, the amount stolen from the vault of NLB is 15 times more than another similar robbery from the vault of a bank in 2014. At the time, the prime suspect was the Head of the Treasury and his associates from “Ohridska Banka”. In yesterday’s case, the individual who reported the robbery was the Director of the Treasury of NLB. In fact, in September, 2014, three employees from “Ohridska Banka” were criminally charged within three months, after they had stolen a total of 200.000 euros which were headed for ATM machines.

They are the largest robberies of cash in Macedonia without the use of weapons.

So far, the largest robbery of cash from a bank is that from January the 9th, 2010, when a “Golf” vehicle from “Stopanska Banka Bitola”, on the motorway from Prilep to Bitola, was stopped by armed robbers and they managed to get away with 450.000 euros.

The largest single armed robbery from a vehicle with cash, however, happened in December of 2005, in a Skopje alley, just beneath the “Ilinden” barracks, where 670.000 euros were taken from a van belonging to the “Macedonian Post”.