“With a clear conscience, I assure you that in the past four years I worked conscientiously, only in accordance with the law and the Constitution and on basis of the regulations of the Public Prosecution. The dismissal of Marko Zvrlevski will not accomplish any reform in the judiciary. I’m well known to the general public as someone who has no connections at all with the politics” said the state Public Prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski in his speech at the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia where the discussion for his dismissal upon the Government’s request has begun today.

Zvrlevski, who spoke about himself in the third person, stressed that none of the findings in the request for his dismissal – that he has worked unconscientiously, unprofessionally and has illegally been performing the function are not correct at all.

-That is proved by the Government’s own proposition where nothing is stated in the alineas that Public Prosecutor Marko Zvrlevski has performed his duties unprofessionally, unsconscientiously and illegally.

He said that he has provided “mobile telephones, personal and laptop computers for all prosecutors.”