The illegal wiretapping led to a great social crisis in the Republic of Macedonia, but this is not the first time monitoring systems have been abused in the country, stated the State Attorney General, Marko Zvrlevski at a conference on the topic “Monitoring Communications – Legal framework and the experiences of the Attorney General”, which is being held today in Skopje.

“Systems for monitoring communications are being abused by other countries as well. Therefore, the role of public prosecutors should become more distinct, to reduce such acts of abuse”, said Zvrlevski, reported “Television 24”.

For these reasons, emphasized Zvrlevski, it is necessary to amend the legal solution, which would regulate the monitoring of communications. According to him, even though public prosecutors are given the last word, it is only on paper, because the monitoring systems remain only in the hands of the Ministry of Interior.

Zvrlevski believes that according to the amendments proposed by the international community, they should impose strong controls on the use of monitoring communication.

At an international conference, prosecutors and their deputies attended from various countries such as Albania, Kosovo, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Slovenia, Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.