ZNM: MANU and the Ombudsman to propose candidates to key position in the public TV and radio service


The Journalist Association of Macedonia (ZNM) came with the proposal that key positions in the national public radio and TV service, MRTV, should be voted by a two-thirds majority. The people who will fill those positions should be proposed by the Macedonian Academy of Arts and Sciences (MANU) and the National Ombudsman, so that the national public service is finally depoliticized and free from party influence, reports 24 Vesti“.

“Key demand is the selection of the members in the program service and the way of bringing decisions in the service to be with two-thirds majority. That would compel political parties in the government and in the opposition to cooperate instead of clash so often,” said the president of ZNM Naser Selmani for 24 News.
For Selmani, the idea of introducing a second MRTV channel where the editors will be proposed by the opposition, is unacceptable.

“The idea that public service channels should be divided by political parties, one for the opposition, one for the Government and one for the ethnic communities, is unacceptable for us because that would mean giving up on the need of having a public service that serves the interests of the people,” said Selmani.

In accordance with the Przhino Agreement, the Action groups will have to find a solution that would free the public service from political, party and commercial influence.

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