Protogjer: “He and his wife and children will be found in a ditch…”


In recent audio recordings announced by SDSM leader Zoran Zaev today at a press conference there is a recording in which a conversation between Nikola Gruevski and Mile Janakieski regarding polling place where VMRO-DPMNE with 500 voters can be heard. They talk about whether there will be a need for a second round. Gruevski said he learned that they will “beat” them in Centar for more than 1,000 votes.

– Tell our boys to render as much as possible as invalid – says Gruevski on the recording.

In the following interview, Jankuloska tells Janakieski that they will agree with DUI on polling places in Kumanovo.

In another audio recording released by SDSM leader today, Janakieski is talking with Misheva about phone of SDSM which she insists to be put out of use.

On other audio recording is heard how Jankuloska talks to Kiril Bozhinovski talk how to respond to the report of OSCE on the elections. Jankuloska explained how the headquarters at her part were functioning.

In another audio recording, Janakieski and Trajkovski talk about pensions and benefits incurred.

On one of the last audio recordings that were released today, Janakieski and Jankuloska talk about buses that are sent to the technical review and Interior Minister admits that the DUI does the same.

On other recording is heard how Nikola Todorov and Jankuloska talk about how to talk after the election. They agree to say that there were no incidents.

The penultimate recording of this block, Jankuloska tells Slave Goshev that they will “pull the ears” of Roma to appear on the elections in the second round in Strumica.

The last recording published at today’s press conference, Protogjer and Janakieski talk about FFM and that tickets for the match are not released in order not to be a lot of people on it. Protogjer is threatening that “He his wife and children will be found in a ditch, in fucking communist…” if they do not withdraw.

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