The Civil initiative for the salvation of the green areas and parks in Karpos 4 say that if the Mayor of Karpos Stevco Jakimovski really supports their initiative, as he had stated, then he should come and do the work.
“We must continue with the pressure. Stevce supports us, but it is no good if it is just words, we need action. We deny that the initiative was politically motivated. On the contrary, we are against any policy when it comes to our civil rights. If the mayor supports us, it can prove it in a several ways, such as to stop the procedure for adoption and restore the original urban plan and allow our public debate and inquiry. It is in his power. Then, if he really supports the initiative, it may be signed in the local unit of the SEC every day from 8.30am to 16.30pm until the 30th of  September. Lastly, if he respects the 2,450 signatures, he is obliged to respect the law and call a citizens meeting”, say residents of Karpos.
Two days before the deadline, Jakimovski gave a response to the petition with 2,425 signatures from the residents of Karposh 4, which was submitted to the municipality asking for a public debate against changing the detailed urban plan, and was called a politically motivated initiative.