Žbogar: We are expecting to see again a higher standard of organizing elections


During his recent visit to Probishtip, the EU Ambassador Samuel Žbogar said that the forthcoming period is of key importance for Macedonia including the report about the country’s advancement, but also including the forthcoming elections. Žbogar said that the methodology of enlargement has been published and that is a step ahead.

-This document is a process of discussion between the member countries. We are hoping that this precondition, the obstacle in the road, will soon be removed – said Žbogar.

Still, the EU Ambassador reminded that the country has still a lot to do.

-There are so many things that your country has to deliver and this is why the process of enlargement or accession process exists. This is the reasion why you cannot be a member of the EU because firstly your economy, your society, living environment, state institutions – all of them to be prepared to implement t he EU’s standards – said Žbogar.

Regarding the forthcoming elections, the EU’s representative said that the past election cycles have imposed higher expectations regarding the organizing of fair and democratic elections.

-The Parliament just got dissolved and we are entering an election period. What we have seen during past election cycles have raised the expectations very high because all of them were implemented perfectly. As a result, we, the EU,do not expect anything less than these expectations of how past elections were implemented – said Samuel Žbogar during his visit to Probishtip.

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