Zaharova: The only threat for the region is the Army of Kosovo trained by NATO


By becoming a NATO member, Macedonia will lose its ability to follow its own foreign policy as a sovereign state, said the spokesperson of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Marija Zaharova, during yesterday’s briefing with the press.

According to her, it is unclear from who would NATO protect the country and concluded that the only danger to the region is the Army of Kosovo.
-The only serious armed force that will destabilize the region is the army of Kosovo that was created by former Albanian militants. We don’t see other threats to security and regarding this, we asked ourselves: whether NATO would fight against those it trained and armed? We already saw this construction in the Middle East countries and North Africa. First they armed them, and then it fought the terrorists and militants. First they created conditions for terrorists to come out at places they previously never did, and then they spent billions of funds and efforts to prevent the spread of terrorist threats, not only in the region but in the world as well – said Zaharova.

She said that it is difficult to say what would the real advantage for Macedonia will be within NATO.

-Actually, that will have to be paid for by increasing defense costs, by participating in military operations that have nothing to do with the interest of the Macedonian people and by losing the ability to carry out a sovereign foreign policy – said Zaharova during the briefing in Moscow.

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