Zaev: We dedicate the first 100 days to the people, the economy and friendship towards our neighbors


Today, Prime Minister Zoran Zaev gave a report on the work done in the first 100 days of the Government’s formation – under the motto “Word is a word”, (meaning keeping to ones word).

Zaev underlined that the activities and measures of the Government, in the first one hundred days were aimed at five sectors: the return of the peoples’ money, the economy, the return of institutions in the service of citizens, friendship with neighboring countries and the openness of the Government.

In terms of foreign policy, Zaev in particular pointed out the signing of the Agreement of good neighborly relations with Bulgaria, which, as he pointed out, is proof that “where there is will, problems can easily be solved”.

“Our position on this is leading in the process of reaffirmation of relations with Greece”, said Zaev.

The “3-6-9” plan, said the prime minister, will bring back Macedonia on the fast track to Euro-Atlantic integration, and the military exercise at Krivolak established a new level of cooperation between Macedonia and the United States of America.

Zaev said that the strategy for the judicial system reforms should be adopted this week, which is one of the Government’s priorities for restoring the rule of law and trust in the judiciary.

The Prime Minister also mentioned the Law on the Use of Languages. He said that it would close the last open issue of the Ohrid Framework Agreement.
“This is the last legislative issue of the Ohrid Framework Agreement. This agreement, in addition to the laws that have been adopted for the most part, has its own spirit. It exists for the people and they are the ones who ultimately say whether an issue is really closed or not”, said Zaev.

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