Do not doubt – the friendship between Macedonia and Bulgaria is sincere. Together we will celebrate and honour our past and on its foundation we will continue building our common future, wrote Prime Minister Zoran Zaev on the social network “Facebook” this morning in response to a recent debate in Bulgaria for the relations of both countries.

“I see in a friendly Bulgaria a public debate has started and even the question is raised whether the two nations are building sincere friendship and cooperation. I want to urge all people, even critics in Macedonia and Bulgaria, to have no dilemma that friendship and cooperation are sincere. For more than a year we celebrate common parts of the history between the two nations, we celebrate several occasions together with historical events. Dear friends and brothers from Bulgaria, believe that we are sincerely building a friendship that has been lost for decades. It was a loss for the two countries. We found our friend and brother again. Let’s not go back in the past. It is our duty to our children. Sometimes we, the politicians, are not careful enough, so sometimes, we make mistakes, but I assure you that this is only carelessness, because we sincerely wish for cooperation and friendship, therefore we signed the agreement regarding good neighborly relations and friendship”, Zaev wrote.

He recalled that Bulgarian Prime Minister Boyko Borisov and Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva fought for Macedonia at the Council of Europe’s Council of Ministers and Macedonia to get a date for starting negotiations with the EU.

The disputes between the government and the Bulgarian opposition were challeged by Prime Minister Zoran Zaev with his statement during the Ilinden holiday when he said that the Ilinden uprising is Macedonian, if a citizen from Bulgaria wants to honour it – let them honour it.