Tonight in the “Universal Hall” at 7 pm, will be held a forum “Truth about Macedonia: Electoral robbery”, organized by SDSM. As announced by opposition leader Zoran Zaev, evidence of how VMRO-DPMNE in several election cycles falsified elections will be published at the forum.

At the last press conference of Zaev, held on Friday, SDSM leader said that today he will present “the most important, boldest and dirtiest examples” for robbery in electoral processes made by Nikola Grueski and his associates.

The entrance to “Universal Hall” will be free, and before the building, there will be set two screens for the citizens who fail to enter, can directly follow the developments in the hall. More than 120 journalists, cameramen and photographers announced their presence at the event.

Tonight is expected SDSM to also present a draft political platform with a sequence of actions for exiting the political crisis.

As “ Deutsche Welle ” reported, it is possible the leader of the opposition to propose establishing a transitional government.

Sources from the party stated for “Deutsche Welle” that the need for establishing a transitional government was also conveyed to EU Commissioner Hahn.

– It should be composed of authorities without party sign, people with personal moral integrity and proven experts in their fields. It would have a mandate to implement major reforms regarding the functioning of the political system and institutions. The choice of the non-partisan composition would reduce tensions that someone wants to assume power without elections – they say without announcing if this proposal would be proposed tonight.