Social Democratic Union of Macedonia appeals to citizens to be calm, not to succumb to the grim scenarios of causing conflict and destabilization of Macedonia, said today SDSM leader Zoran Zaev at the extraordinary press conference after the morning action of MOI in Kumanovo.

– I call Nikola Gruevski to immediately come in front of the citizens of Macedonia and to explain who, why, and for what purpose destabilizes Macedonia. Whether and why criminal groups from the territory of neighboring countries are entering Macedonia? Who organized them and for what purpose? This needs to be done by Ali Ahmeti as well. Victims are both Macedonians and Albanians, policemen and civilians. Now the important thing is to help the civilian population and to provide and guarantee safety and security. The grim scenario will fail. Citizens recognize who have an interest in such a scenario and will not allow themselves to be involved in such a scenario. Macedonians, Albanians and other citizens are united like never before. I am convinced that it will remain that way – said Zaev.

Although the protests in the last few days have been self-initiated, Zaev asked them to stop, and SDSM will subsequently decide whether the protest scheduled for 17th of May will be held.

– I appeal to all citizens to harness their anger they have in their souls, caused by the current situation in Macedonia, presented by the evidence of the opposition. It would be best protests to stop, although they were self-organized. In this period, with thoughts and our wise smart ideas, together united, all citizens to contribute to the swift resolution of this difficult situation, which is very bad for Macedonia – said Zaev.