At the Ministerial Council of EU, we received a printed legal guarantee that no later than October we shall receive a date for starting the negotiations. There is no possibility for making a decision without the agreement of all other countries which means that there is a consensual decision, replied today Prime Minister Zoran Zaev during the press conference at the government.

“The conclusion is a serious message and an absolute guarantee that was necessary to me, and I believe to all citizens as well. I understand that there were elections at the European Parliament and that each Parliament needs time for submission of materials in order to be analyzed and for a decision to be made. I understand the Bundestag and other parliaments regarding this issue, but it was important to receive a conclusion which a serious guarantee for all of us. I believe that it will be confirmed tomorrow or day after tomorrow by the EUropean Council and that it will happen in October” said Zaev.

He also said that the government’s expectations are that by December the chapters will be opened and the negotiations will start with the EU.

“For us, the June date would have been a better guarantee but this conclusion guarantees that it will happen in October and I believe that this is a message for all of us to continue working and to continue with the reforms in order to improve our country’s abilities” said Zaev.