Фото: СДСМ

North Macedonia’s Prime Minister and SDSM’s President Zoran Zaev said today that the current SDSM’s Vice president Radmila Shekerinska didn’t resign from the party posts, but that she has no intention to run for a third mandate as the party’s Vice president.

“I respect her decision, she has merits for our country’s accession into NATO, for the EU’s candidate status and other important processes in our country. She is a friend of mine, and we are continuing to cooperate, regardless of where she will find herself in the society in general or in SDSM,” said Zaev.

Among other issues, he said, “together with Shekerinska and a huge percentage of SDSM’s members, we have agreed that the party’s leadership should be renewed and a chance to be given to new people”.

Zaev also stressed that he hasn’t talked with Shekerinska about the position of an ambassador in Washington since at the moment she is serving as a Defense Minister and in regard to her opinion about the matter, Prime Minister Zaev told the media to ask her personally.