Secret surveillance will be done directly under the control of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, far from politicians’ hands, said Prime Minister Zoran Zaev to reporters after signing the first resolutions to support young farmers at the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Water Economy.

Zaev stressed that the reforms in the security services are at a very advanced stage, and that the model, after all the debates between the ministry and Government, has already been submitted to Parliament.

“The Ministry of Interior (MVR) will need a court order to become part of the system for combating terrorism, extremism, radicalism – that is what protection of the state means. Everything related to corruption, crime, possibilities for suspicion, is absolutely under the strict control by the Public Prosecutor’s Office. That is the model. Customs, the Intelligence Agencies and other institutions that need such assistance can join it”, stated Zaev.

He underlined that the ultimate goal, is to never let the secret service be abused the way it was, especially secret surveillance, that is, wiretapping.

“Therefore, in the future, it is most important for citizens to know that no one will ever be wiretapped or their their human rights and freedom of communication violated, said Zaev.